Monday, June 6, 2011

Mayor's Town Hall Meeting at the corner of North Street and Leverett at 7 p.m. today is a good place to discuss the UA proposal to put a construction road through the Old Main Lawn and keep it open for at least two years

Linda Ralston writes:    
Hey, y’all come on out to the Town Hall meeting tomorrow evening, Monday from  7-8:30!

And invite a neighbor/friend/family member to ride along with ya.
Always good to hear right from the mayor and staff about what’s going on, you know.
And in turn we can raise any question/topic that we’d like as well,
Such as the U of A’s construction road, to start @  the top of Lafayette & cut across the front lawn of Old Main.  
Paula Marinoni outlines some of the distinct drawbacks of that plan below and how these can affect the residents and City.
And why there has to be a better way!

Of course, the U of A can do whatever they wish on campus.
Which could allow the weight of dump trucks and other heavy equipment,
All as they compact & damage the vast tree network of the “Campus Arboretum”, back and forth for at least 2 years.
Some of us know that that’s a true recipe for heartbreak and will turn out to be a very sad historic & environmental decision.

So, if you wish to say a few words to this particular issue Monday evening,
Or have another question/idea,
Or if you wish just to be a bit social, then  sit back and listen …
Or perhaps you feel lucky that you’re gonna win the artistic door prize…

>>>>>Then I hope to see some of your smiling, summer faces @ the Town Hall gathering

         Think cool, Linda

From: Paula Marinoni []
Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2011 5:24 PM
Subject: Speak up for the front lawn of Old Main! Mayor's Town Hall Meeting Monday Night

Please pass on this information to all who would be concerned about the University’s plans to run a road up thru the middle of the front lawn of Old Main.

Mayor Lioneld Jordan’s Citywide Town Hall Meeting

Monday, June 6, at 7:00p.m.

St. James Missionary Baptist Church
764 W. North Street (Corner of North & Leverett)

Most think that there is nothing the city can do because it is on the University of Arkansas campus.

But the city can encourage them to take one of at least two other routes due to :

 Abuse to residential neighborhoods from two years of heavy construction traffic.

 Removal of necessary residential parking from Gregg to Arkansas Avenue.

 Damage to our only historic boulevard, Arkansas Avenue.

 No trucks allowed from West to Arkansas Avenue, except for deliveries and service. (Go look at the signs.)

And Wear and tear on an already challenged historic Lafayette Street Bridge (one of only two properties the city owns on the National Register of Historic Places). With thousands of heavy construction truck trips and with no one to weigh the trucks to make sure they aren’t 2-3 times the weight limit or that 2 or more don’t line up on the bridge at once, who will be watching as our historic bridge is gradually broken down?

And, it was the spirit of the citizens of the City of Fayetteville that was responsible for the future University of Arkansas to be located here in the first place, back in 1871.  It is called the “Town and Gown” not the Gown and Gown!  As citizens we should have a say in the defacement of our most important, beautiful and serene resource.  It is not only a source of great pride spanning two centuries, but it is a tourist attraction and destination.  If we won’t speak up for our resources who will?  Otherwise when Bentonville is boasting about their work of art this fall, we can be hanging our heads that we didn’t stop the defacement of our greatest visual treasure!

Thank you!

Paula Marinoni

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