Friday, June 10, 2011

Global Syria Day June 11 to be celebrated at Fayetteville Town Center peace fountain at 10:45 a.m. Saturday. Be there on the square or be square

Global Syria Day June 11
Support the Arab Spring and Syrian Freedom Protesters
Interfaith Syria
Saturday June 11
11:00 am

Town Square
at the Town Center

To participate in the video come to the Peace Sphere (Town Center) at 10:30 to get oriented.

Support freedom and democracy across the middle east.  OMNI Center and Syrian democracy advocates need your voice to tell the repressive president of their country that Americans do not support his brutal treatment of his people.  He's torturing the children! 
Hamsa Ali al-Khateeb
Syrian freedom advocates from our area, Mohja Khaf and Oubab Khalil, will update us on rapidly changing circumstances, but you will be the real featured performers.   There will be designated actors for specific things, but our chanting for freedom will be the main message to Bashar. 

This will be a video project that will appear on YouTube and be distributed widely by US to make Syrian president Bashar sit up and take note.  The world is watching him. 

Please come a few minutes early to get oriented.  For more information email Mohja Khaf at, or call OMNI Center at 935-4422.

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