Monday, May 24, 2010

Nick Brown invites all to join a telethon discussion of Gulf oil spill and its impact on wildlife and wildlife habitat provided by National Wildlife Federation

Teletown Hall on the BP Oil Spill:
Impacts to Wildlife and How You Can Help

Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Join us this Thursday, May 27th at 8pm EST for a 30-minute Teletown Hall on BP oil spill's impacts to wildlife and how you can make a difference. Experts from the National Wildlife Federation will give first-hand accounts of the damage and the latest news on one of the worst environmental disasters in our nation's history.  This catastrophic oil spill threatens the health of coastal habitats and the survival of wildlife in the short term and the long term.

As on the ground efforts organize NWF volunteers to help with clean-up efforts, we must also raise awareness about the impacts to wildlife and rally lawmakers to act by passing policies that will protect our environment and give us safer energy choices.  Find out what you can do by joining our Teletown Hall this Thursday.  Please pass this along to your network and to others who may be interested.


Nick Brown

Nicholas R. Brown PhD
Arkansas Outreach Coordinator
National Wildlife Federation

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