Thursday, May 27, 2010

April 30, 2008. photo of gander (foreground) and goose with their three surviving goslings: That gander died near the intersection of Razorback Road and 15th Street about two years later: Goose has since been seen on Baum Stadium detention pond but what happened to this year's goslings?

Please click on image of geese on Baum Stadium pond on April 30, 2010. Those goslings hatched on a retention pond on the Aspen Ridge construction site that became a detention pond during construction of the Hill Place apartment complex. The family walked the railroad to Baum stadium and lost one of the goslings while crossing the street that year. That pair of geese successfully nested in the area every year starting soon after the new Razorback baseball facility was built and the retention pond was created there.
Geese mate for life and the old widow may remain alone.

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