Monday, January 25, 2010

Will this create a demand for waterproof and unfreezeable laptops for walruses, polar bears and whales that may want to log in along the route?

Global warming opens up Arctic for fiber optics
Firm aims to link Tokyo, London via cleared Northwest Passage
Arctic fiber optic line through Northwest Passage?Monday, January 25, 2010
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Rising temperatures have melted so much Arctic ice that a telecommunication group is moving forward with a project that was unthinkable just a few years ago: laying underwater fiber optic cable between Tokyo and London by way of the Northwest Passage.
The proposed system would nearly cut in half the time it takes to send messages from the United Kingdom to Asia, said Walt Ebell, chief executive officer of Kodiak-Kenai Cable Co. The route is the shortest underwater path between Tokyo and London.

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