Monday, October 12, 2009

When will the riparian ordinance and the ordinances involving curb and gutter requirements go to the council?

Please click on image to go to Flickr and ENLARGE photo of sidewalk, curb and gutter work on South Government Avenue on October 12, 2009.
DSCN0027GOV av curb gutter
DSCN0026gov av curb gutter
DSCN0025gov av curb gutter
DSCN0024gov av curb gutter
This is an example of work authorized in past years that is continuing even as new, progressive rules are being considered. Millions of dollars in needless paving and creation of exactly backward stormwater-management structures are being built.
Talking about "drainage problems" is out of date. Finding ways to keep the water where it falls is the task of today's stormwater engineers.
See the big pipes in one of the photos? Those will take stormwater from the streets directly to the Tanglewood Branch, which flows under South College at Ninth Street and already causes huge bank erosion as it joins the the Spout Spring Branch at the edge of Walker Park, where the riparian zone was denuded of timber a few years ago for creation of a trail, leaving nothing to protect it from erosion. On the way, it helps back floodwater up Locust Avenue into yards and potentially into houses.
It is past time to pass a strong riparian ordinance and begin negotiating with developers for a wider swath of property for trail building and park land. There is no excuse for construction of our wonderful trails at the expense of the riparian vegetation, quality of water in our streams, shade trees to protect living things in our streams and the beauty of the trailsides. And paving in a stream's overflow area or the so-called floodway is WRONG. Calling a trail a part of the "transportation system" and building it where it may be under fast-flowing water exactly when someone needs to travel on it is patently stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Some of us check your blog after you make pictures of us at work. Usually, you don't post the pics. We expected you to post more on the curb and gutter on S. College but you didn't. We have heard your stuff about curb and gutter so many times we have it memorized. Finally, you blast this on the blog.
We agree. Some of those projects are plain stupid. Don't blame us. We are just trying to keep our jobs!