Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Link to The Iconoclast Web log for those who don't have it bookmarked

I'm among those who are wondering why the link to The Iconoclast. Web log is no longer linked on The Fayettevillage Voice Web log. From email I've received, several people were going to The Fayettevillage Voice regularly to see what Lessie had to say and then going to The Iconoclast site and others on Lessie's list afterward and are disappointed that Lessie's blog no longer has Jonah's site listed and now are wondering whether it is being maintained. As the first Google blog to gain large readership in Northwest Arkansas, The Iconoclast remains the model for commentary on local issues. The rest of us simply don't stir the public response that The Iconoclast did during 2007, '08 before it disappeared for months in '09. The Fayettevillage Voice certainly is well done, but it isn't being updated as often as many of us would enjoy seeing. Each separately authored view on line is needed to keep public discussion of the endless issues alive. I have updated my own Links of Interest to include the 'NEW' link to The Iconoclast rather than the 2007 link that I had left there all these many months. I had been among those using Lessie's link to Jonah's 'New' link rather than updating it on my own site. The two are have always been listed under the T's because  their actual names begin  with 'The.'  Many newspapers historically have maintained that if 'The' was in their names then 'The' should always be there and captilaized when they are mentioned in other publications.

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