Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sewer through Greathouse Park being redone to support stalled Southpass development

Please click on each photo to enlarge and understand its significance.


Anonymous said...

Looks like deer in the headlights caught eating the freshest vegetables in a friendly farmer's garden.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the man before, but those two women are far too naive and innocent to be accused of understanding the foolishness they have been involved in.

Anonymous said...

For the record, the people in the photo are from City Parks and have nothing to do with the sewer line construction activities.

Also, this sewer was not specifically designed for Southpass. Yes, it would have served Southpass had it come to fruition, but this new sewer line was designed well before Southpass was ever conceived. This part of town has old clay tile and iron sewer lines that are failing, leaking, and without adequate capacity to serve the area during peak flows. Over the years, many Band-aide repairs have been made for a temporary fix. The City is required by EPA and ADEQ to complete the Wastewater Systems Improvement Project and make such upgrades to the system. Unfortunately, this involves a temporary disturbance at stream crossings to install a pipe big enough to serve the area for the next 20 years which is the most economical approach for the citizens. If you do not support sewer improvements, then stop eating and stop flushing!