Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simplest stormwater solutions about doing less, spending less

Please click on images to Enlarge view of ditches draining prairie areas.
Allowing water to naturally stand and slowly soak in the right way to manage stormwater. Ditches through prairie soil actually dry out that soil and defeat one of its prime purposes, slowing runoff downstream and thus limiting flooding. People see sheets of shallow water and want it drained. But that is totally backward if preventing flood damage is the goal. Keep the water where it falls.


Anonymous said...

Virtually all of the land surrounding Fayetteville was at one time farm or ranch land.

Farmers and ranchers dug a lot of these primitive ditches to improve the health of their cattle and/or allow them to grow crops.

Its not new. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Farmers did, but industries and the city have ditched a lot more in the decades since the farms were bought out. And they do it with bigger machines and make a bigger mess than the farmers did.