Saturday, January 31, 2009

Discuss the disappearance of The Iconoclast on this thread

By popular demand: What is the situation with Jonah Tebbett's The Iconoclast?

Questions I have heard:
Did Jonah die?
Was Jonah murdered?
How many people who committed suicided this past week left a note saying they were despondent for lack of a Jonah fix?
Did Jonah go over to the dark side and sell out?
How much money would it take to turn Jonah's head?
How much would you give Jonah to get back to work?
What would you bet that the bad guys could outbid the rest of us?
Just a few questions. I can't recall all the comments and questions I have heard on the subject.

I still think someone accused Jonah of being unfair and got his blog pulled.
If that is the case, Google will investigate and exonerate Jonah. He always supplies documentation for his evaluations of public figures. Contact Google and demand to see The Iconoclast.
Make some bumper stickers: FREE JONAH!
Apologies to Archie!


Sam said...

for reals where is the page?! Was it really pulled for being unfair? If people really cared that much they could have started their own blog and kept up with what's going on and published their own opinions. Now I'll just have to rely on the papers for info. Ho hum.

Anonymous said...

So much for discussion!

Anonymous said...

Jonah must have died. He cares too much to stop the Lord's work he has been doing.

Fayetteville Flyer said...

Considering Jonah's Gmail e-mail account was also deleted, we have a feeling it wasn't Google who pulled the plug. Arkansas Times' Max Brantley says "Other obligations have caused The Iconoclast's retirement." We may never know...

melted but not forgotten said...

Its been quite a blow to lose both the Iconoclast and KUAF during the ice storm. We should all be making suggestions for the new emergency plan, like having KUAX at the UofA designated as a community oriented emergency radio station at times like these. The UofA with its self contained power plant was I understand largely exempt from outages while the rest of us sat in the cold and dark waiting to hear some news, like which businesses might be open in what parts of town or where one might go to see some local news. It was really disconcerting not to have an emergency plan in place.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 8 years of Coody-ism makes me feel a little less sanguine than you all.
Without so much as a *see-ya, bye!* I am GUESSING that Mr. Tebbets was taken out. Sorry Aub., I don't see the humour in bribery.

On the other hand, being threatened with a lawsuit is a potentially very expensive deal. And 'til I see evidence to the contrary, I'm saying that our friends at Google are WAY too co-operative with the law-yurs who are interested in seeing Jonah become a member of the disappeared.

aubunique said...

I am hoping for the best. Persevere, for surely The Iconoclast will reappear or we will get an explanation.
Hope Jonah isn't being water-boarded or something right now
Please share any information or new theory you may hear.
And feel free to suggest a thread you think Jonah would have posted on a given day and I will open it for discussion.
Jonah's selection of topics so often hit a nerve and created discussion.
I default to taking photos and trying NOT to look at the news first thing in the morning without Jonah''s provocative posts!

Anonymous said...

Jonah Tebbetts is actually Don Marr- who is Lioneld's brain- now that he has a job and no need to bitch in order to get a job- Don is taking it easy.