Monday, January 12, 2009

Senate to consider the Omnibus Land Bill. Kirby Sanders asks all to urge Senators to vote for it

Kirby Sanders reports that the Senate on Sunday voted cloture to consider Senate Bill 22 (S-22), the Omnibus Lands Bill. Among other things, this Bill makees additions to the Trail of Tears National Trail system and recognizes the Butterfield Stagecoach Route 1856-1861 as a National Trail. Both of these trails have definite potential impact for economic development and tourism development in Northwest Arkansas. The Butterfield also has potential benefit for central Arkansas from Memphis to Fort Smith.

Pryor and Lincoln both voted yes to the cloture vote -- let's make sure they vote YES on the bill -- vote scheduled for Wednesday.

Please!!! Call Senators Lincoln and Pryor and urge a YES vote on S-22; the Omnibus Lands Bill.


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