Monday, March 11, 2013

MARCH 11 2013 email full of interesting and important items but this is the featured item at this point: Apparently failed community garden in a POA draws attention from anonymous contributor

Anonymous friend wrote and shared

I went to check on the Salem Village
community garden as I noticed a city map described it as "moribund."

As a private POA I guess it's not my business, and I don't know how to
bring it to the POA attention without seeming like a jerk, but someone
is being quite foolish there. Someone is dumping buckets of wood ash
(including what looks like lumber/treated wood ash) into the garden
plots. And I don't mean a cup per square yard which can be tolerated
and is a good amendment to raise pH of acidic soils. I mean mounds.
Someone just doesn't know.

Feel free to publish these pictures, as anonymous.

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