Saturday, October 15, 2011

Larry Lowman, former owner of Ridgecrest Nursery in Wynne, Arkansas, addresses Flower, Garden and Nature Society at 10 a.m. on native success stories by a southern nurseryman at NTI in Springdale while Celebration of Trees continues at Fayetteville downtown square

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 More photos from tree-giveaway during Fayetteville's Celebration of Trees at Flickr.
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Longtime park-department employees out before dawn preparing to give trees to Fayetteville residents

Fayetteville residents happy to get native plants for their yards

Celebration of Trees Event

The City of Fayetteville and the Urban Forestry Advisory Board will be hosting the annual Celebration of Trees October 15, 2011. Trees to be given away this year include Pin Oak, Swamp White Oak, Willow Oak, Bald Cypress, White Dogwood and two shrubs including Arrowwood Viburnum and Oakleaf Hydrandea. The giveaway will begin at 7:00 am on the Town Center Plaza. You must show proof of City of Fayetteville residency to pick up your plants.
This event continues a twelve year tradition of providing citizens with plants that beautify the landscape and provide community benefits such as air pollution reduction, stormwater peak flow reductions, reduced soil erosion, oxygen production, increased property values as well as psychological benefits such as reducing crime, aiding hospital patients with quicker recovery rates and increasing children’s attention span.
2011 Celebration of Trees
Bald Cypress Tree Fact Sheet  Hydrangea and Viburnum Shrub Fact Sheet  Pin Oak Tree Fact Sheet 

Swamp White Oak Tree Fact Sheet  White Flowering Dogwood Tree Fact Sheet  Willow Oak Tree Fact Sheet

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