Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fayetteville National Cemetery continues to expand to South Hill Avenue thanks to RNCIC, but one-source stories never tell the rest of the story: Housing for low-income people destroyed and watershed of Beaver Lake damaged while developers plan to build huge student-apartment complex along the eastern edge of the National Cemetery

Flickr set of National Cemetery photos includes many pages of Campus Crest plan for student apartments on sale-barn property and demolition of houses on S. Hill Avenue.

More information and photos at National Cemetery Neighbors and Friends.

 Story from KNWA Fox 24 Website:

Cemetary to Expand Again

The Fayetteville National Cemetery is one step closer to another expansion after the demolition of a house Wednesday.
The house was the last to go in a strip of four lots on Hill St. purchased by the Regional National Cemetery Improvement Corporation.
"When we buy a lot, we have to clear it," says RNCIC President Ron Butler. "There can be no buildings left on it, all the cement work has to come out, and all the utilities have to come out of the ground."
The corporation then gives the land to Veteran's Affairs, so they can conduct a site survey before excavating and installing burial vaults. Butler says the process takes time before the site is usable.
"You're looking at probably four to five years right here from where we're standing," he says.
The new addition is next to the last expansion, which added close to 1,300 vaults, but Butler says the RNCIC isn't done working.
"These folks average better than one funeral a day," he says. "It doesn't take long to get it filled up."
It does take time to raise the funds to purchase more property, though. The organization is a non-profit, run by volunteers, and Butler says he could use some help.
"We're getting old," Butler says. "We need younger people, every organization does."
He says anyone interested can become a member, or donate through their website.

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