Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aubunique response and ENTHUSIASTIC support for Block PARTY on Block Avenue to support true Fayetteville Merchants

Yes, I found the blurb on your Web site after emailing you. Cute.
I hope I don't offend anybody if I promote your event and the organization with a cutesy headline such as
"Intentiontal illiteracy part of smart effort to promote businesses along and near North Block Avenue"
"Block Avenue group not an educational organization, just a savvy retail marketing group competing against the NWA Mall, which pays property tax to the Springdale Schools instead of the Fayetteville Schools"

Catering to the ignorance of the masses, the Tea Party helped to put numerous Republicans in office in 2010. And maybe some of those new office-holders will get some good done. In this case, catering to the "Great geographical unwashed" may also do some good: Keeping sales-tax money for our school system in Fayetteville. Lord knows we need to do that, because the current and recent members of the Fayetteville School Board spend money as though we are in a boom time rather than a depression.

Persevere. I love my Block Avenue merchants. Even though they now operate on the 'most dangerous and frightening to drive' downtown roadway.
I hope they now recognize that they failed to stop the crazy plan for their "street," "avenue" or whatever one wants to call it only because they were NOT organized early enough to speak with one voice to tell the city street committee that nothing in the "improvement plan" would actually be good or please everyone. Business people accepted a few individual concessions but allowed the madness to go forward.
Like "Coody's big rock" in Dickson Street, it will all be removed at great expense in a few years. Compare to the madness on Capitol Avenue in Downtown Little Rock a few decades ago. Someone designed it. Someone got it accepted and approved. Someone made money constructing it and many more made money tearing it out and restoring it.
Good for some part of the economy but hell for the taxpayers.
I don't earn anything by doing what I do. I won't profit by whatever names are used to identify roads through our city. I don't personally profit from anything done in this. But "FACTS be FACTS."
Gotta love it.
But please persevere. We don't have to agree on all the details if we are doing the right thing.
Aubrey James Shepherd
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Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 21:13:29 -0500
Subject: Re: Are you talking about Block Avenue? RE: Block St Block Party
From: stacey.wieties@gmail.com
To: aubreyshepherd@hotmail.com

Because they said so!!!... It is indeed Block Ave, however some of the merchants (not me!) felt that nobody would be the wiser... We would love for you or your friends to participate. Please pass the word to help support your local merchants, it's a dying breed!

On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 6:45 PM, Aubrey Shepherd wrote:

I have heard people talk about Block Street a few times, but I can't imagine why. In Fayetteville, streets run east and west. Avenues run north and south. Springdale Streets run north and south and Springdale Avenues run east and west.
I understand that the fame of the Hill Street Blues tv show might cause some to call Hill Avenue in Fayetteville Hill Street. But why would business on the avenue call it Block Street?
Thanks for the invitation.
I will plan to attend and will promote on my Web logs, etc.
But I wish had been correct!
Aubrey James Shepherd (still-obsessive old writer and editor and professor of English).
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> Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 15:23:19 -0500
> Subject: Block St Block Party
> From: stacey.wieties@gmail.com
> To: darkstarvisuals@cox.net
> Hey folks, this is a cover letter we are sending out. I'm sending this
> to you personally as you have at sometime given me your business card.
> This should be a fun family event. Please feel free to contact me for
> any questions you might have... Stacey Wieties 479-443-2323
> Good Morning!
> We received your contact information as someone who might be
> interested in participating in a new community event we are really
> excited about: the first annual Block Street Block Party!
> Here's what we have planned so far:
> Almost 30 non-profits and community groups are being asked to
> participate to promote their causes and educate the community about
> what they do for no charge, on May 22, from 1pm to 8pm (Sunday). We
> have two lots for local artists and vendors, who are invited to sell
> their products and/or promote their businesses. We will have several
> food vendors, two electric stages set up, which will feature 8 local
> bands each, one acoustic stage at the House Concert porch, and our
> local DJ/electronica group (zone1) will have a spinning table. Hugo's
> is organizing a Waiter's race, we are having a hot dog eating contest
> at JR's, a back in parking demonstration by the Fayetteville Pedicab
> Co, and dozens of other activities, including Jo Ann Kaminsky's puppet
> craft table, mustache painting, tutu making, palm readers, bean bag
> tosses, a hula hoop workshop, etc. Does this sound like a fun event
> yourself or a group you are affiliated with would like to be involved
> with? If so, please follow this link to learn more or visit
> www.blockstreetbusinesses.com.
> http://blockstreetbusinesses.com/2011/03/block-street-block-party/
> Here are your contacts:
> Stacey Wieties at darkstarvisuals@cox.net - All non-vending activites.
> Jessy Lang at jessy@goodthingsboutique.com - All vending related activities.
> Hannah Withers at littlebreadco@yahoo.com - Event Coordinator.
> Thank you all for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

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