Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tree and Landscape Committee sees interconnected greenspace, low-impact development, climate change and its mission to advise city officials on certain aspects of planning as all part of a bigger picture

It can be a pleasure to attend city committee meetings that actually share good news. The Tree and Landscape Committee had presentations by Fran Alexander, who holds the chair of the Land-use and Green-infrastructure subcommittee of Fayetteville Forward, and by Leif Olson, a city planner.
Alexander explained her committee's purposes and progress in cooperating with the Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association to build support for protection of existing city greenways and to help create a connected system of greenpace across our city.
Olson talked about an ordinance on the Tuesday, April 2010, agenda of the Fayetteville City Council that would offer a low-impact option for developers in Fayetteville.
Earlier in the day, a couple of members of the committee had been to the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology to hear a presentation of two young military veterans supporting Operation Free in warning Americans about our dependence on foreign oil and asserting that military officials consider global-climate change a threat to national security.
The day's activities went a long way toward making clear the relationship of local action, political and down-to-earth ways to conserve resources.

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