Monday, April 19, 2010

Advertisement from 1940s reveals the reasons so many people are skeptical of all advertising

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I was six or seven years old when this was printed, and doubt that I ever saw it back then. But I remember the years when DDT was commonly used and the years when a public outcry arose because of the havoc that the use of DDT created in the natural world.
Every time I see an advertisement for a herbicide or pesticide touting its safety, I cringe. Sure, less dangerous chemical agents for such purposes have been created since DDT was banned, but no one can pretend with a straight face that the new ones won't be found to be harmful after extended use.
When I see someone spraying his garden or lawn or the grass struggling to grow in a crack between a sidewalk and street curb or anywhere else I see a crime of naivete. When I see advertising for the products, I see a crime of dishonesty. When I read the label on such products and the name of the company that manufactures them, I see a crime of greed that some may see as equivalent to producing dangerous drugs and peddling them to children or even in the class with producing and selling weapons to facilitate terrorism and nuclear war.
Quick and easy solutions seldom turn out to be long-term solutions. Bombing a city or village does not bring peace it only creates new enemies. And poisoning the earth seldom brings the desired result, only new problems.

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