Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Failure of millage for humongous high-school project has to thrill several liberal politicians who spoke in favor of it but knew it was wrong

The old and poor prevailed, for a change. Quashing the millage increase wasn't a teabagger victory but a peace and justice old people's victory. Democratic candidates for next year's elections need to pay attention and realize who will elect them if they are to win.


Anonymous said...

Who voted how on the council?

aubunique said...

Petty, Ferrell and Gray voted for the rezoning. Lewis, Lucas, Cook and Thiel voted against it. Rhoads left the room and returned for the following item.

Anonymous said...

The Community is trying to do the big boys a favor on this one--think Divinity on Dickson--almost a huge hole in the ground.
It is not clear that the students want to live in that area (no offense to local denizens) & who the hell is crunching numbers to convince the banks that this project is such a great idea?
*Shovel ready* could also mean *bury it.*
We'll see what happens on appeal.
Hat tip to City Staffers, the PC, and Mr. Williams who worked so hard to make yet another not-needed project a reality.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon 10:46 intended for Sale Barn post!