Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bad news for fans of excellence in reporting; end of competition could mean no chance of thorough coverage of news

UPDATED: Democrat-Gazette, Stephens Media Plan Joint Venture in Northwest Arkansas

By Lance Turner - 9/3/2009 11:05:54 AM

After suffering "significant financial losses during the current economic recession," the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and Stephens Media plan a joint venture in northwest Arkansas, the news organizations announced Thursday.
The joint venture would move forward if Stephens can't find a buyer for its flagship newspaper, The Morning News. But Democrat-Gazette Publisher Walter Hussman says he doesn't believe a buyer will be found.
"If someone comes along and buys it, then we’ll continue to compete with The Morning News and this merger won’t be consummated," Hussman, CEO of Wehco Media Inc., which owns the Democrat-Gazette, said in his newspaper's coverage of the deal. "We suspect that won’t happen."
Both companies have asked the U.S. Department of Justice to evaluate the deal. The Justice Department had requested that Stephens put The Morning News up for sale, the companies said.
In absence of a sale, the two firms plan to establish a joint venture, called NorthwestArkansas Newspapers LLC, according to a news release available on Stephens' The organization will be "equally owned by the parties."
"The parties will contribute the assets of their Northwest Arkansas daily newspapers
(Benton County Daily Record, the Morning News, Rogers and Springdale, the Northwest Arkansas Times, and the Northwest Edition of the Democrat-Gazette) and weekly newspapers, real property, plants, and equipment to the new LLC. Stephens Media will be responsible for editorial control of the local newspapers in northwest Arkansas. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Inc. will control advertising, business, production and circulation functions of the new LLC, and will be in charge of the editorial functions of the Northwest Arkansas Edition of the Democrat-Gazette."
Jeff Jeffus, publisher for the Democrat-Gazette's northwest Arkansas operations, will be president of the new LLC, the companies said.
In announcing the deal to employees in northwest Arkansas on Thursday, Hussman said
newspaper jobs would be cut.
If the deal goes through, it would end more than 20 years of competition in the region between two of the state's biggest media companies and wealthiest Arkansans, Hussman and financier Warren Stephens, who owns Stephens Media.
In northwest Arkansas, the Democrat-Gazette owns the Northwest Arkansas Times and the Benton County Daily Record. It also publishes a zoned edition of the Democrat-Gazette for 12 counties in the region.
Stephens Media owns The Morning News and several other newspapers in the region. It also owns several papers in central Arkansas, including the Times of North Little Rock, the Cabot Star-Herald, Carlisle Independent, Lonoke Democrat and Sherwood Voice and the Jacksonville Patriot. will update this story.
Please click on image to go to Flickr site and use magnifying tool above photo to see men spraying mix of cellulose fiber and either tall fescue seed (nonnative species of grass that many people are trying to dig out of local prairies) or annual rye, which is supposed to disappear after we get seed from the surrounding stands of prairie natives planted there.


Anonymous said...

There is no true competition to provide the best coverage now. Maybe the ad salesmen compete! That's going to create a monoply and fix prices for the owners. News coverage can only deteriorate.

Anonymous said...

Your photo at the bottom of the story about the newspaper madness illustrates how little the newspapers observe and report around Northwest Arkansas.
Bad development, construction or land-management practices have seldom been a part of their coverage. Keep it up.