Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Re-use, recycle, compost to protect watershed and city budget. See NWA Times story below to understand the need to outlaw garbage disposals and educate the public, restaurant owners and others

Feed food leftovers to pets, wildlife or compost at home to protect the watershed and life in our streams and lakes. See NWA Times story, where explanation points to this suggestion:
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  • Aubrey James Shepherd People taking their trays to turn in after lunch at the Fayetteville Senior Center often comment on the incredible amount of food dumped into the sink to be ground up by the garbage disposal and sent to water-trreatment plant in the photo above.
  • Aubrey James Shepherd Taking leftovers home to pets or to compost naturally in own yard would be better. The senior center should have its own composting site and the adjacent community garden could use the fertilizer!

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