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February 1, 2014, on Mount Sequoyah annual members and friends gathering of Omni Center

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Annual Members and Friends Gathering!
Saturday, February 1 -- 5:30-8:30 pm
Mt. Sequoyah Retreat Center, Dining Hall

The Sweet Music of Peace...   
Fayetteville is so lucky to have the kind of talent that wanders around thinking up incredible songs about peace, justice and a thriving earth. 

Kelly Mulhollan and Fernando Garcia will be emcee-ing the program Saturday night.  They gave us a few notes about the music and musicians who we'll hear.  Just look at this and drool until you get to hear them.

Don't Stop Please 
They're the buzz all around town, recently relocated from Conway.   They wanted to be where the real action is, so they came to Fayetteville, of course.  They're often seen as a large ensemble, but the wing that will be performing for us is the duo often known as "Handmade Moments".

Air Loom 
Does he look like a physics professor to you?  Dana and Jackson have a magical chemistry that vibrates on stage. She's part of the Idlet clan of Trout Fishing fame (also long-time OMNI members), but she has enough talent to hold her own without parental credentials.

And Inimitable Papa Rap 
The irrepressible champion of peace and justice, and vibrant bridge between the Latino and Anglo communities.  His Caribbean-rap sound is distinctive and exciting, and has been an important part of his appeal to the young people he has inspired and mentored over the years.   Papa Rap is irresistibly interactive.  You already know you're gonna love him.

Also grateful to Mount Sequoyah for hosting us at no charge.  It's a very comfortable venue for this event.  Bet you like it too.  

Acting in the Present...Working Toward the Future...Together
Annual Meeting also features a chance to see your peace friends, OMNI programs that have tables for information, and music from terrific local musicians.  Always fun.  REALLY fun!
Also your chance to support OMNI, while you have a blast. $10 suggested donation, kids under 5 free, nobody turned away.

Mt Sequoyah Retreat Center, 150 N. Skyline Dr., Fayetteville
OMNI 350 Environmental Events
Citizens Climate Lobby monthly meeting
Saturday Feb 1 - 11:00 am, OMNI.  Potluck lunch where you learn some outstanding tools and hear about some amazing people making real progress in a tough Congress. This is where you can find a place to make a real contribution yourself. 

Regional Conference March 8... more info here:
Info and Registration here

Climate Change Book Forum
Sunday Feb 2 - 1:30 pm, Fay Public Library Walker Room.
This month's book is "The Plundered Planet" by Paul Collier.  The economics of managing global resources for climate stability.  This is a controversial book taking a position from more traditional economics, that should generate some excellent conversation.  Discussion facilitated by Phil Zimmerman

If you wish to read the book, OMNI still has one copy to loan. Contact the office at 479-935-4422.
Open Mic for Peace
Open Mic Turns to Comedy 
Sunday Feb 2 -- 7:00 pm 

OMNI Center

Sunday is Open Mic night at Omni and you don't want to miss this:
Our featured guest will be two comedians, Taylor Henschelland Steve Holst! Both were the feature for the last Ozark Poets and Writers Guild event and they were fabulous.
It all begins at 7:00 at the Omni Center (February 2nd)
After the feature, we will have open mic as always for your songs and word of peace, justice, and ecology.
Hope to see you there, Kelly and Donna
More OMNI and Community Activity
Add your events to the list by emailing

Feb 1 - 11:00 am - Citizens Climate Lobby meets, OMNI.
Feb 1 - 5:30 pm - ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING - Mt. Sequoyah Assembly Dining Hall. Put it on your cal!
Feb 2 - 1:30 pm - Climate Change Book Forum - Fay Library. Book is "The Plundered Planet", let by Phil  
Feb 2 - 7:00 pm - OPEN MIC for PEACE - OMNI
Feb 8 - Interfaith Harmony Day - St. Paul's - 1:00-5:00 pm 
Feb 9 - 11:00 am - Gladys Tiffany talks at Unitarian Fellowship Fayetteville, on the values shift now going on in America 
Feb 9 - 3:00 pm - Women's Support Group meets at OMNI
Feb 9 - 6:30 pm - Video Underground - movie: Mis- Representation  
Feb 10 - 6:00 pm - Civil Rights Roundtable, OMNI 
Feb 12 - 6:30 pm - Veggie Potluck @ OMNI -------------------------------------------

Feb 22 - 5:00 pm - OMNI Empowerment Series - new and exciting - Open space exploration of your interests
Mar 8 - Citizens Climate Lobby Regional Conference - Eureka Springs - more info soon - register here
March 16 - Fay Com RADIO Fundraising Event - Greenhouse Grill
Mar 16-23 -- GODDESS FESTIVAL - @ OMNI. More info at the Annual Meeting

Every week @ OMNI -  
7:00 pm Mondays - Falun Gong meditation group meets in the OMNI library     
Quaker Meetings 9:30 am Sundays.  Anyone invited.  
First Sundays 1-5 pm - Rooted Vision Healing Drums   
The OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology actively educates, empowers and connects to build a nonviolent, sustainable, and just world.  
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