Monday, September 3, 2012

Why I stayed awake all night: Apparent college students shooting bottle rockets inside the park north of home and over World Peace Wetland Prairie: Dawn reveals that at least one of the 'fireworks' we heard was actually a shotgun downing a bird over illegal bait on an apartment complex parking lot adjacent to a city-owned nature area

The city is allowing fireworks on Labor Day, but the hours are about to expire so the action should be over. But people who would shoot fireworks in a public park and into a nature area may not be impressed by park rules either. Safer not to go to sleep! The boys ran and drove away but came back and parked (but not in their own spot). College doesn't always teach common sense.

That was late at night, but the following photo was just after dawn on the parking lot of the Hill Place apartment complex adjacent to World Peace Wetland Prairie and Pinnacle Foods Inc. seasonal wet prairie.