Monday, August 6, 2012

Progress on the green front

The Inside Dirt
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RALLY! RALLY! RALLY! Congrats to Vermont and Maine Sierra Club activists who gathered by the hundreds in Burlington, Vermont, last week to protest tar sands oil in front of a meeting of New England governors.

SURVEY SAYS... Last week the Sierra Club and the National Council of La Raza released a "Latinos and the Environment" poll - which revealed some impressive numbers about Latino opinions on climate change, clean energy, and more.

It landed some great media hits and again showed that 100% of Americans love Bilingual Media Strategist Javier Sierra.

MIND THE GAP- Send your praise to Sierra Club Graphic Designer Libby Egan for this awesome "National Parks Transit Authority" map that's become hugely popular on Twitter and Facebook. How many stops on the map have you made?

ARE YOU ON THE LIST? Interested in being on the Beyond Coal Campaign's volunteer listserv? This listserv helps volunteers stay informed on Beyond Coal Campaign developments, share information, and learn about resources available to them. It's unfortunately not for cute/silly cat photos. 

To join, volunteers need to email with the message body:  subscribe Coal-Campaign-Alerts.

BEST ACRONYM EVER? Last Tuesday, Georgians in 12 regions around the state voted on whether to impose a Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (T-SPLOST).

The Georgia Chapter opposed the referendum in all 12 regions as a massive road-building program - and the chapter even ended up as a coalition partner with the Tea Party. The measure lost 37 percent to 63 percent and failed in eight of the 11 other regions.

DUPAGE GETS ITS DUE- High five to the Illinois River Prairie Group of the Sierra Club Water Sentinels. They just celebrated 12 years of stewardship of the DuPage River by releasing the "As the River Flows" report on how the river has gotten better, but still needs help. Guess you could say they're... du-ing well.YEAAAAAHHHH!! (Sorry)

WITH SO MUCH DRAMA IN THE P-S-E- Boom goes the dynamite in the Pacific Northwest, where members of the Coal-Free PSE (Puget Sound Energy) coalition - which includes the Sierra Club - just delivered more than 8,000 petitions to PSE calling for the utility to move beyond coal

CHRISTIE DID SOMETHING GOOD? Huge high fives to Sierra Club New Jersey for their yearlong campaign to protect the state's solar industry. Last week Governor Chris Christie signed a bill that accelerates the renewable energy standard requirement for solar energy for four years. 

"At the end of the day the Sierra Club's advocacy paid off with a bill that will save many of the 5,000-plus jobs the solar industry has created in New Jersey," said Mark Kresowik of the Beyond Coal Campaign. Mark quickly added, "BOO-YAH!"

AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE A CLEARCUT PARTY- Sierra Club California invited people near Redding to tour a clearcut forest site recently. Like other areas of the Sierra, Calaveras County is being decimated by widespread clearcutting. 

"Participants got an intimate view of the deforestation that Sierra Pacific Industries is doing across one million acres in California," said Senior Organizer Sarah Matsumoto.

BLAME IT ON THE COAL- India suffered massive electricity blackouts last week, and coal was much to blame. Sierra Club International reps Gordon Scott and Justin Guay weighed in on the coal blackouts on Compass - and landed a good media grab.
This Week's Message
From California to Pennsylvania, clean energy jobs are under attack by fossil fuel interest groups - yet many in Congress are sitting on their hands while tens of thousands of American jobs hang in the balance.

Congress must stand up for the tens of thousands of Americans whose jobs are on the line.

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